Canon Rock (Trans-Siberian Orchestra Cover)

Hi All,

As part of our Christmas tradition, here is our new video, and as always featuring Minniva on the vocals.

Music Production at Fascination Street Studios (Sweden)

Mixing Crew: Ricardo Rodrigues and Linus Corneliusson

Mastering: Tony Lindgren

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!!

Nostos reaching 1 Million hits on Spotify

Nostos has reached over a million hits on Spotify, making Orion’s Reign the first band on our label reaching this goal!!!Big thanks to all of you out there for the support. We are eternally grateful!

Orion’s Reign

Nostos (Folk Version)

New Video!!! Here is a folk version of our song “Nostos”, originally included in our full length album “Scores of War”. This alternate version is taken from our new release “Symphony of War”. This EP, focuses on the symphonic elements of our latest full length album and offers a new listening perspective to the audience! Enjoy!

EP Symphony of War: Available on every digital platform

Full length Album “Scores of War” (Physical and Digital):
available on band’s website , on our label’s site Pride & Joy Music and in other big stores..

NEW EP: Symphony of War

As many of you have been interested in the symphonic elements of our latest album “Scores of War”, we are very pleased to announce the release of our new EP entitled “Symphony of War”. This EP contains symphonic versions of songs released in “Scores of War” album and two more surprises!! The EP is scheduled to be digitally released on September 27th, 2019 through our record label “Pride & Joy Music”.

Stay tuned.

Symphony or War for FB. jpg

Avengers – Spiderman Cover

Assemble!! here is our new cover to Avengers and Spiderman theme songs


Elder Blood

Here is our new lyric video for the song Elder Blood, taken from the album Scores of War


The Gravewalker – Official Video Release

Celebreting the Release of “Scores of War” in Japan, here is our latest video – The Gravewalker!

Scores of War Japanese Edition

“Scores of War” is getting released in Japan by ??! MUSIC, with an extra bonus track (12 tracks in total)!

* Bonus Track: The Gravewalker (symphonic version)


Joy to the World

We hope Santa is good to you this year. If not you can still enjoy our Christmas cover of “Joy to the World”. As part of the tradition we have Minniva with us again this year.

Merry Christmas to you all and enjoy!

Joy to the World Cover

New single “Nostos” out on Oct 5th

Our newest single “Nostos” is set for a release on Friday, October 5th featuring Minniva. Here is the cover art

Nostos Cover

Nostos Cover.