Orion’s Reign signs with Pride & Joy Music

orions reign
We are very pleased to announce that we have signed with German record label "Pride & Joy Music". It goes without saying that we're stoked to be stepping in their roster and its a perfect home for our upcoming album, which is scheduled to be released on October 19th 2018. More updates will follow up. Stay tuned...


New Merchandise available!!

Hi everyone! We are VERY excited to launch our new official merch. You can check them out at the STORE section. More items to be added on the list soon.


Studio Report: Fascination Street Studios

The mixing of the album by Linus Corneliusson is finally over. As we are entering the mastering process with Jens Bogren we would like to share a video vlog with some studio insights/details of the production.


Santa Claus is Coming to Town

This has become a tradition, so here is our new video. Merry Xmas and happy holidays everyone!!  We hope you enjoy it. It is a heavy metal version (cover) of the famous traditional Christmas song : Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

Download the song here


Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town” is a Christmas song. It was written by John Frederick Coots and Haven Gillespie and was first sung on Eddie Cantor’s radio show in November 1934. It became an instant hit with orders for 500,000 copies of sheet music and more than 30,000 records sold within 24 hours. The song has been covered by over 200 artists.

Orions reign

New Xmas video is coming up !!!

It is this time of the year, guys. Stay tuned as a new Xmas video is coming up, this Friday at 16:30 (GMT +2) !!!


Ride to War (Symphonic Version)

Here it is for all of you out there who requested the symphonic version of our new single online.

Orion’s Reign

Ride to War (2017) Official Release – [Official Lyric Video]

Here’s a story of a warrior who rides into the battle, knowing he is going to perish. This song stands as a metaphor for the many times in our lives we enter a battle that we know we are going to lose; but what really matters is that we fight and do the best we can!

“Ride to War” is the single from the new upcoming Orion’s Reign album.

Download the song from: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/orionsrei…

Recorded by Orion’s Reign
Mixed and Mastered by Fredrik Nordström at Fredman Studios
Distribution Label: Rock it up Records/Ice Warrior Records

Album Update – Single Cover Revealed

The time has come to unveil some secrets about our new material. It’s been some time since the last update on the album so we have decided that we are now ready to show you what we have been working on the past years. Here is the cover of our upcoming single “Ride to War”. We’ve been working hard together with Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman and Lasse Lammert at LSD Studios to make this album sound totally killer!

Stick around for the first audio samples.




NEW VIDEO !!! This is symphonic heavy metal version of the famous AC/DC song Thunderstruck!

Special thanks to all of our friends from all over the world for sending their footage!!!

Download the song here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/orionsreign28


New Logo

After quite some time with our previous logo, we felt the time was right to create a fresh image to reflect the current work and vision of the band. Today we unveil our new brand.

orions reign