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Album Cover and Tracklist Revealed


Album Updates: 
Album Artwork
design by Stan W Decker !

Album Name: Scores of War

Album Songs:
1) Elder Blood
2) Together We March (will be released as a single at 14/9)
3) Gravewalker
4) The Undefeated Gaul (released as a single at 24/8)
5) An Adventure Song
6) Freedom is not Negotiable
7) Nostos (will be released as a single in October)
8 ) Warrior’s Pride
9) Withering Heart
10) Last Stand
11) Ride to War

Album release: October 19, by Pride & Joy Music

Undefeated Gaul Video Official Release

“The Undefeated Gaul” is the first single from the new upcoming Orion’s Reign album “Scores of War” (October 19th) by Pride & Joy Music.

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Music Produced by Orion’s Reign and Fascination Street Studios team Video by Orion’s Reign and Gearmark Pictures – Film Scenes: “From the Veil” by Gearmark Pictures Label: Pride & Joy Music


New Xmas video is coming up !!!

It is this time of the year, guys. Stay tuned as a new Xmas video is coming up, this Friday at 16:30 (GMT +2) !!!