We have been working with Dan for quite sometime now, and we believe it was about time to officially announce Dan as the new permanent voice of Orion’s Reign. We are very¬†enthusiastic to have Dan with us and we are looking forward to share with you our new material. Dan along with the rest of the band has been working hard, putting his heart into the new songs, adding another dimension to our music style. His passion and dedication are helping to come one step closer in delivering a stronger, solid and more Epic album that we are sure you will enjoy.

Who is Dan:

Dan’s passion for music began very early in his hometown Juiz de Fora in Brazil, but it was only in 2007 that he started to work seriously in his singing. Petra, Avantasia and Dragonforce were some of his favorite bands and his early influences.

Eventually Dan came to know about singers like Fabio Lione, Michael Kiske, Andre Matos, Eric Adams, and decided that he wanted his voice to sound as skilled and powerful. That decision made him start joining in various courses and music schools to master his voice, studying contemporary singing, classical singing, piano, music theory and music composition. Among other teachers, Dan also studied with Kevin Richards, one of the most respected rock/metal voice teachers in the world.